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Top Financial Planners & Advisors Melbourne, Victoria

Looking for a financial planner or advisor in Melbourne, Victoria? We've put together a list of the best planners and advisors in the area to help you make the most informed decision possible. Whether you're looking for someone who can help with Retirement Planning, Estate Planning or Tax Services, our list will point you in the right direction. So don't wait any longer – get started today!

There is no question that financial planning and advisement are critical for both homeowners and business owners. However, it can be tough to know who to trust with so many different planners and advisors. This blog post will recommend some of the country's top financial planners and advisors. We hope you find this information helpful in your search for the right planner for you!

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    Freedom Financial Planning

    freedom financial planning

    Freedom Financial Planning, located in Notting Hill, Melbourne, has been a beacon of financial guidance for over two decades. Specialising in creating bespoke financial strategies, the firm empowers clients to navigate their financial journey with confidence. 

    With a foundation built on quality advice and professional service, Freedom Financial Planning stands out for its commitment to fostering long-term client relationships. The firm's services span from retirement and investment planning to estate management, insurance, and tax advice, all designed to help clients achieve their financial aspirations.

    Services offered include:

    • Retirement Planning
    • Investment Management
    • Estate Planning
    • Insurance Advice
    • Tax Guidance

    Phone: 03 9542 3200
    Address: Suite 29, 270 Ferntree Gully Road, Notting Hill VIC 3168

    Klear Picture 

    klear picture financial planners & advisors melbourne

    At Klear Picture, clients receive personalised financial advice tailored to their unique goals. As Melbourne's top financial advisors, they focus on building strong, lasting relationships and offering bespoke care in a knowledgeable and friendly environment. Their services are designed to help clients understand their financial goals and craft custom plans for wealth creation and management.

    Services Offered:

    • Accounting & Taxation: Comprehensive services for diverse financial needs.
    • Business Advisory: Strategic planning for business growth and financial stability.
    • Private Wealth Advisory: Customised strategies for wealth accumulation and safeguarding.
    • Lending & Capital Raising: Diverse financing options for various property ventures.

    Address: 312/434 St. Kilda Road, VIC 3004
    Phone: (03) 9998 1940

    SMART Financial Advisory

    smart financial advisory

    Smart Financial Advisory offers a range of financial services designed to meet the needs of various types of businesses and individuals. Their services are tailored to simplify complex financial processes like superannuation, ensuring clients can maximise their retirement savings. They also specialise in Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF), providing clients with greater control over their financial future and offering enhanced tax planning flexibility. Additionally, S F Advisory assists clients in planning for retirement, ensuring they have the right strategy to live the life they deserve post-retirement.

    The services offered by Smart Financial Advisory include:

    • Superannuation: Assistance in choosing funds and optimising investment combinations.
    • Self-Managed Superannuation Funds (SMSF): Offering control and tax planning flexibility in superannuation.
    • Retirement Planning: Developing strategies for retirement or reduced work hours.
    • Insurance: Ensuring financial security for clients and their families in unforeseen health situations.
    • Business Protection: Support for small and large businesses in facing uncertainties.
    • Centrelink: Assistance with applying for Centrelink payments in addition to investments and employment earnings.
    • Investment: Developing tailored, evidence-based investment strategies.
    • Estate Planning: Ensuring proper documentation is in place to protect beneficiaries.
    • Aged Care: Providing aged care advice and planning for individuals over 75 years.

    Phone: +61 3 9034 4883

    Paterson Retirement Planning

    paterson retirement planning financial planners & advisors melbourne

    Paterson Retirement Planning, led by Senior Financial Adviser Ed Paterson, specializes in simplifying the financial planning process for retirement. The firm is dedicated to removing financial complexities from clients' lives, allowing them to focus on what matters most. With a particular understanding of the unique opportunities and financial issues faced by individuals in the education and broader public sectors, Paterson Retirement Planning offers tailored advice for a personalised retirement journey. Their approach is client-centric, partnering with clients to create financial plans that align with their vision of retirement, ensuring a comfortable and stress-free transition.

    The services offered by Paterson Retirement Planning include:

    • Superannuation: Guidance on choosing funds and investment combinations for maximising retirement savings.
    • Retirement Planning: Strategies for a comfortable retirement, tailored to individual needs.
    • Aged Care: Assistance with aged care planning and related financial considerations.
    • Centrelink: Support with Centrelink payments and entitlements.
    • Insurance: Ensuring financial security for unforeseen health issues.
    • Business Protection: Financial assistance for small and large businesses in uncertain times.

    Phone: (03) 9630 099

    Yield Financial Planning

    yield financial planning

    Yield Financial Planning offers a range of financial planning services aimed at managing finances and meeting life goals. Their approach is centred around establishing a personalised strategic wealth plan for each client, focusing on financial security and allowing clients to concentrate on important aspects of their life, such as family, health, and enjoyment. A key part of their service is mapping out the client's current financial situation to identify areas of improvement and strategies to enhance their financial position. Yield Financial Planning emphasises the importance of a good financial plan in providing clarity and direction for managing finances effectively.

    The services offered by Yield Financial Planning include:

    • Wealth Creation: Developing investment portfolios, managing super investment risks, tax minimisation structures, and personalised investment strategies.
    • Retirement Planning: Advice on investments for retirement, transition to retirement planning, retirement income projections, and strategies to minimise tax and maximise Age Pension entitlement.
    • Wealth Protection: Comprehensive insurance cover and advice, including income protection and yearly life insurance reviews.
    • Property Investment: Real estate planning, investment property advice, and risk management through portfolio diversification.
    • SMSF: Assistance with self-managed super fund setup, diversified investment strategies, and understanding the pros and cons of SMSFs.
    • Business Planning: Advice for business owners, investment advice, succession planning, and business insurance.
    • Aged Care Planning: Managing risks for super investments and tax-efficient strategies.
    • Mortgage Broking: Debt reduction strategies, regular interest rate reviews, and tax-effective debt structuring.

    Phone: 03 9819 0699

    Endorphin Wealth

    endorphin wealth financial planners & advisors melbourne

    Endorphin Wealth, operating under Wilson Pateras, provides a unique and personalised approach to financial advice. As a privately-owned firm, they focus on creating financial strategies that are custom-made to meet the specific needs, desires, and goals of their clients. Their client-first philosophy is matched with high-caliber, award-winning financial advisors, offering a distinctive financial planning service. Endorphin Wealth is known for its commitment to understanding the life clients want to live today and in the future, as well as their tolerance to risk. This understanding is crucial in tailoring investment decisions and portfolios to each client's specific situation. The firm's financial planners invest time in deeply understanding their clients, enabling them to build financial plans and investment strategies that cater to their lifestyle and goals.

    Services offered by Endorphin Wealth include:

    • Wealth Creation: Including developing investment portfolios, managing super investment risks, and tax minimisation.
    • Retirement Planning: Providing advice on investments for retirement and transition to retirement planning.
    • Wealth Protection: Offering complete insurance cover and advice, with regular updates to maximize benefits.
    • Property Investment: Advising on real estate planning and investment property.
    • SMSF: Assisting with self-managed super fund setup and diversified investment strategies.
    • Business Planning: Catering to business owners with investment advice and succession planning.
    • Aged Care Planning: Managing risks for super investments and tax-efficient strategies.
    • Mortgage Broking: Offering debt reduction strategies and tax-effective debt structuring.

    Phone: 03 8419 9800

    K Partners

    k partners accountants & financial advisers south melbourne

    K Partners Accountants & Financial Advisors, based in Melbourne, offers personalised financial planning services. They work closely with clients to understand their unique situations and develop customised advice and strategies. The team at K Partners specialises in mapping out future financial goals and creating clear, step-by-step processes to achieve them. Their approach is tailored to each client's current financial situation and identifies strategies for improvement, focusing on minimising taxes, improving cash flow, and effectively managing superannuation portfolio growth. This ensures clients are well-prepared for a comfortable retirement. K Partners also assists clients with investment planning, building diversified portfolios across various asset classes, and providing practical solutions to complex investment issues.

    The services offered by K Partners include:

    • Retirement Planning: Reviewing and strategizing for retirement based on current financial situations.
    • Investment Planning: Assisting in building diversified investment portfolios and providing investment advice.
    • Wealth Creation: Educating clients about wealth creation and using surplus cash flow for long-term investments.

    Phone: 03 9863 8855

    Independent Wealth Partners

    independent financial advisors

    Independent Wealth Partners (IWP) offers a distinctive approach to financial planning, focusing on the unique needs, aspirations, and goals of each client. Unlike traditional financial planning that often centres around financial metrics, IWP starts with understanding what truly motivates and drives their clients. This client-centric approach ensures that the financial advice provided is tailored to each individual's life goals, whether it's a desire for a slower life, travel aspirations, or ensuring family security. IWP's value lies in empowering clients to achieve their dreams using their finances as a catalyst. They craft a financial roadmap that integrates traditional elements of financial advice with a deep understanding of the client's personal aspirations and risk tolerance.

    Services offered by Independent Wealth Partners include:

    • Tax Planning and Debt Management: Offering strategies to manage taxes and debts effectively.
    • Cash Flow Structuring: Assisting in managing and optimizing cash flow.
    • Investment Advice: Providing guidance on building diversified investment portfolios.
    • Superannuation Advice and Estate Planning: Advising on superannuation strategies and planning for estate management.
    • Retirement Planning: Creating strategies for a comfortable and secure retirement.
    • Insurance: Ensuring adequate protection through various insurance options.

    Phone: 03 8393 9371

    Retire Ready Financial Planning

    retire ready financial planning financial planners & advisors melbourne

    Retire Ready FP, led by Gloria Mina, specialises in retirement planning advice, focusing on helping clients achieve the retirement they desire. Understanding the concerns and questions that arise when approaching retirement, such as the adequacy of funds, eligibility for the Age Pension, and the longevity of financial resources, Retire Ready FP offers personalised guidance. They aim to provide clients with a sense of relief and confidence about their ability to afford retirement. The firm's approach is to work closely with clients to develop and implement the right strategy that ensures a comfortable retirement, considering factors like income needs, pension entitlements, and superannuation management.

    Services offered by Retire Ready FP include:

    • Retirement Planning: Specialising in providing advice for a comfortable retirement.
    • Age Pension Calculations: Assessing eligibility and entitlements for the Age Pension.
    • Income Stream Management: Advising on managing income streams for retirement.
    • Superannuation Advice: Guidance on managing superannuation funds effectively for retirement.

    Retire Ready FP is dedicated to guiding clients through the transition to retirement, helping them focus on what retirement looks like for them and ensuring their financial readiness. For more information or to seek their services, interested individuals can visit the Retire Ready FP website. The firm is committed to ensuring that clients' retirement years are as fulfilling and financially secure as they have envisioned.

    Phone: 03 8372 2010


    ICG Financial Planning

    icg financial planning

    ICG Financial Planning specialises in private wealth management solutions, offering a unique balance sheet approach that focuses on the big picture while paying forensic attention to detail. This approach is essential for effective financial planning and the future wellbeing of their clients and those they care about. ICG Financial Planning's services are tailored to each client's unique circumstances, encompassing a wide range of financial aspects. Their multidisciplinary team of experts provides a comprehensive, transparent, and consultative partnership, empowering clients with the information they need to make confident and well-thought-through decisions.

    Services offered by ICG Financial Planning include:

    • Family Office Services: Providing comprehensive wealth management services for families.
    • Investment Advice: Offering expert guidance on investment strategies.
    • Asset Structuring & Wealth Planning: Assisting in the structuring and planning of assets for wealth optimisation.
    • Philanthropy: Advising on charitable giving and philanthropic endeavors.
    • Debt Advisory & Finance: Guidance on managing debt and financial planning.
    • Business Succession Planning: Planning for the smooth transition of business ownership.
    • Succession & Estate Planning: Ensuring clients' estates are managed according to their wishes.
    • Superannuation & SMSF Advice: Advising on superannuation funds and self-managed super funds.
    • Personal Risk Management: Managing personal financial risks.
    • Financial Planning: Comprehensive financial planning services.
    • Legacy Planning: Assisting clients in creating a long-term plan for a financially secure future.

    Phone: (03) 9611 1600

    Empower Wealth

    empower wealth mortgage brokers melbourne

    Empower Wealth offers a comprehensive range of financial planning services in Melbourne. Their financial planners work closely with clients to build overall wealth, providing advice on various aspects of financial management. The services include advising on mainstream superannuation, Self Managed Super Funds (SMSFs), personal insurance, and investment options across several platforms such as shares, bonds, cash savings, managed funds, and indirect property. Empower Wealth's approach to investing in retirement, particularly through SMSFs, is increasingly popular due to the flexibility it offers, such as the option to buy property within the fund. They focus on helping clients understand the trade-offs involved in establishing an SMSF, including the financial and time costs versus the benefits like flexibility and control.

    Services offered by Empower Wealth include:

    • Superannuation Advice: Including mainstream superannuation and SMSFs.
    • Personal Insurances: Advising on insurance options to protect clients and their assets.
    • Investment Options: Guidance on investments in shares, bonds, cash savings, managed funds, and indirect property.
    • Retirement Planning: Assisting with planning for retirement, including the setup and management of SMSFs.

    Phone: 1300 123 842

    Key Takeaways. A financial planner is a professional who helps individuals and organisations create a strategy to meet long-term financial goals. "Financial advisor" is a broader category that includes brokers, money managers, insurance agents, or bankers.

    When choosing a financial advisor, the first thing you should consider is the experience and professional background of the prospective advisor. Adequate experience in the financial markets and dealing with clients is of the utmost importance.

    The drawbacks include:

    • High stress.
    • The hard work needed to build a client base.
    • The ongoing need to meet regulatory requirements.

    It is a lucrative career, but it has a high burnout rate.

    • What are your financial and life goals? 
    • Do you have any debt? 
    • Are you generating a budget surplus or deficit? 
    • What's your net worth? 
    • Are you on track for retirement?
    • Am I striking a good balance between long-term and short-term needs?


    Generally speaking, the more complex your financial situation, the more likely you will benefit from a financial planner. On the other hand, if your finances are simple, you may be able to take a DIY approach.

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