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12 Mush-Have Standing Desk Accessories

Studies show that up to 50% of workplace injuries result from musculoskeletal problems. More often than not, these problems occur when employees are improperly positioned or uncomfortable while working. Musculoskeletal problems can affect employees in all industries, from the office to the assembly line. The best way to stay safe is to improve your workspace ergonomics.

If you're particularly interested in avoiding these problems, then you've probably heard about ergonomic products like a standing desk, an ergonomic mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, and more. In addition to enhancing productivity and good health, improving your workplace ergonomics also aids to improve your posture. Moreover, it reduces soreness, stiffness, and fatigue.

Of all these ergonomic products, standing desks are increasingly becoming more popular. But having a standing desk alone is not enough. It has several limitations. For this reason, it's important to build a workstation that incorporates essential accessories for a standing desk to serve you better.

There are many benefits of using a standing desk, especially if you're working for long hours. However, standing in one spot for long periods of time can also bear negative effects.

Thankfully, these can be easily overcome by investing in the right standing desk accessories.

From wearing the correct shoes to exercising while you work or have a monitor arm that's easily adjustable when you need to move around, there are plenty of products you can consider to make your standing desk setup more comfortable.

standing desk melbourne

Accessories For Standing Desk 

Monitor Mount

The best position for your monitor is directly in front of you. Ideally, the centre of your screen should be in line with your eye level.

When the screen is too low, you tend to tilt your chin down. When the screen is too high, you tend to tilt your chin up, and when the screen is off to one side, you tend to turn your neck and head while working. All these awkward positions bear a negative impact on your overall health. You can check here for additional reading.

That's where a monitor mount comes into the picture. It gives your body a natural position, thus eliminating shoulder pain and eye strain.

Before buying a monitor mount, make sure it's compatible with your monitor. Also, make sure it's sturdy enough to hold your monitor in position.

In terms of aesthetics, standing desks with computer mounts also boast a more professional look.

Many people need to raise their monitors—especially if they're moving to a standing desk. A desktop computer monitor stand will help you position your monitor at a more ergonomic height. You may also need to move your monitor closer or farther away to achieve the ideal position: your monitor should be 20 to 30 inches away from your eyes for optimal comfort.

To help prevent eyestrain, don't forget the 20-20-20 rule! The American Academy of Ophthalmology recommends taking a break from looking at your monitor every 20 minutes. During that break, shift your focus to something that's at least 20 feet away, and look at it for at least 20 seconds.

Consider a monitor stand to place your monitor at the optimum ergonomic position. You can find height-adjustable monitor stands in many sizes. Check the measurements of the monitor stands you're considering buying beforehand to ensure that your monitor will fit on it and that it's sturdy enough to hold it—especially if you use an all-in-one. Uncaged Ergonomics offers a variety of height-adjustable monitor stands that enable you to move your monitor up and down as needed. This can be helpful if you alternate between sitting and standing while you use your computer. You'll want to learn about how the monitor riser adjusts to find out if it's easy to adjust. If the monitor stand is difficult to adjust, it can not only take up your precious time, but you could risk injury.

Our monitor arm features a vertical range of 20" and a 360° rotation and is designed to help you create a flexible workstation. Use it to tailor the rotation and height of your computer screens to match different postures and enhance your productivity throughout your workday.

Ergonomic Office Chair for Standing Desk

Much emphasis has been placed on the harmful effects of sitting all day. But let's not forget that standing all day also comes with its negative effects. For instance, a job that requires you to stand for 8-10 hours subjects your feet, calves, and thighs to a lot of strain, making them feel painful and inflamed.

Remember that even the most avid standers can't stand all day. They need to take a few breaks to rejuvenate and re-energize. And for that, they need an ergonomic office chair.

An ergonomic chair is designed to encourage good posture and to provide you with the utmost comfort throughout your workday.

Also, it's designed to easily fit under at a stand-up desk to allow you to switch between sitting and standing without much interruption. They are available in various sizes, shapes, and styles that can fit effortlessly into any office interior design.

The best way to get around this is to purchase an ergonomic office chair.

A good option is the ErgoChair Pro (ErgoChair 2). It's a fully adjustable chair that allows you to tailor support and resistance according to your needs. In addition, its durable construction, breathable fabric, extensive customizable features, and more make it one of the best ergonomic chairs available in the market right now.

Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

The Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat provides almost four inches of memory foam cushion that supports you while you stand. Being stood at your desk for a long time can cause stress on your knees and fatigue in your feet. If you want to try a standing desk setup but are concerned about pain, this standing mat is a worthy investment, and it's available in multiple sizes and colours. 

The anti-slip underside means you can place the Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat on almost any surface. So whether you're working in your kitchen, living room, or office, you'll be able to comfortably stand for longer with less pain in your back, joints, and feet. And, if you have kids running around, the bevelled edges prevent curling, reducing the risk of anyone catching their feet or tripping over the mat. Visit this site. 

Standing can get tiring and boring very fast if you don't do it correctly. The same way you get tired after standing for extended periods in a long line at the supermarket is the same way standing all day at your standing desk makes you tiresome and wears out your feet fast.

The main reason for this discomfort is that you are probably standing on a hard surface. While supportive, comfortable shoes will help you relieve some of the pain, you can get an extra layer of support and comfort from a good anti-fatigue mat.

Don't just go with any anti-fatigue mat you come across. Instead, be sure to select one that is comfortable, durable, satisfy your needs, and is within your budget.

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This multipurpose mat is ideal for families as it can double up as a place to stand while cooking, working, and even a spot for your pets. It seems a little expensive for a mat, but it's definitely worth considering when you appreciate its features and the relief it can offer you.


  • Available in various sizes
  • Non-slip bottom
  • Anti-curl edges

Foot support while using a sit-stand desk shouldn't just stop at the shoes you're wearing. You should also take into account what's under your shoes. An anti-fatigue mat is usually the most suitable option because its properties enable you to adjust your body position even while standing constantly.

Given that there are several variations of standing mats, be sure to test the one that you're planning to purchase. Your choice should be based on your personal preferences and body type because the material and firmness of an anti-fatigue mat determine whether you'll feel pain or discomfort.

Contrary to popular belief, a standing mat is not only a standing desk accessory that is meant for your feet. It also helps you to maintain a healthy back. That's because it encourages you to stand with a proper posture, thus helping you to relieve yourself of the pressure that builds up in your lower back and neck.

Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Desk

Research shows the ideal ratio is to spend one hour standing for every one to two hours of sitting. A height-adjustable sit-stand desk lets you do just that. Most qualities sit-stand desks have electric controls or gas lifts to make it possible for workers to adjust the height of their desks multiple times each day.

Studies* actually recommend that you work towards standing for two hours in the beginning and eventually build up to standing for four hours a day, alternating between sitting and standing. Too much of anything is a bad thing, so don't negate your standing benefits by ditching sitting completely.

Besides less sitting time, standing at work has other benefits: More calories burned: One study showed that standing sheds 88 calories an hour, compared to 80 calories for sitting. Less back pain: Sitting for long periods of time tightens your muscles and can hurt your lower back, especially if you have bad posture.

That means for every 1 to 2 hours you sit in your office, 1 hour should be spent standing. Try to alternate between sitting and standing every 30 to 60 minutes. Bottom Line: Try to alternate between sitting and standing.

A standing desk is ergonomic because it gives you the option of standing, reducing the risks that come with longer periods of inactivity. Monitor arms can also make a desk more ergonomic.

Cpu Holders - Secure Your Desktop

Standing desks generally go hand-in-hand with computers, with these desks often purposefully bought to provide a sit or stand option for workstations. Obstacles to raising the height of your adjustable desk are the movement of wires and having floor obstructions that hinder movement. Placing the system unit above the table can defeat the purpose as it consumes space and clutters your desk. Therefore, our CPU holder may be the best solution for this. Your CPU is still beneath the table but not causing any obstruction.

Mounting your desktop CPU under your desk has a variety of benefits. First of all, you'll keep your computer closer to your monitor and keyboard—although more and more peripherals are wireless, you'll still have some cords to run. On the other hand, keeping your computer and monitor close together means you won't have to buy longer cables, which can be important if you raise your desk. Stowing the CPU under the desk with Uncaged Ergonomics' Under-Desk CPU Holder also keeps it off the dirty floor and suspended for improved cooling. Further, you eliminate clutter and free up space on your desktop by mounting it under the desk's surface.

Comfortable Footwear

Just like walking and running, standing for extended periods also demands that you use quality footwear. Ideally, the shoe should have decent arch support or comfortable soles.

In light of these requirements, running shoes will do the job just fine.

Wearing dockers or 5-inch heels at a stand-up desk is not a good option. That's because if you stand for long hours, a lot of weight is directed to your feet, increasing the need for proper feet support.

Wearing the wrong shoes is a great recipe for foot and back problems. So make sure always to have a pair of comfortable shoes at your desk.

Cable Management - Avoiding Messy Cables

The presence of wires around your standing desk is a given if you are going to be working on a computer or any other device on it. However, as standing desks have frequently moving parts, cables can often get tangled and caught while also making your workplace quite messy. Our cable management products solve both of these issues, giving an affordable alternative to these cluttering, sometimes dangerous cables. 

Under-Desk Keyboard and Mouse Platform

Is your keyboard positioned at elbow height, where your arms are bent at about a 90-degree angle? If not, you can strain muscles from your fingers all the way up to your neck! That can lead to hand and wrist pain—or even carpal tunnel syndrome. You can help prevent these problems by using a sit-stand keyboard arm that can help you easily position at the best ergonomic height, no matter whether you sit or stand while working.

Another important accessory is an under-desk keyboard tray. A keyboard tray is mounted under the desk, and a keyboard tray allows you to position your keyboard at the ideal height for typing: at elbow height for both sitting and standing. Your arms should be in a neutral position, your elbows should be bent at about a 90-degree angle, and your wrists should remain as straight as possible while you type. It would help if you didn't have to reach out or extend your arms to use your keyboard or mouse.

Your keyboard platform can also help you optimize your typing posture in more than one direction. The best ergonomic position for your keyboard is at a negative angle, where the top of the keyboard points downward. The tilt adjustments on a sit-stand keyboard arm help you keep your wrists at a neutral angle to help prevent injuries. Additionally, the ability to swivel left and right gives you more flexibility in positioning, which can be helpful if you move around a lot. Uncaged Ergonomics' keyboard platform models have a separate mousing platform to help you keep your mouse on a level surface. In contrast, your keyboard is tilted to the best wrist position and position your keyboard and mouse at the right height whether you're standing or sitting.

Mini Elliptical Trainer/Treadmill/Bicycle Trainer

Most ellipticals require a large space, which offices generally don't have. The other issue with traditional ellipticals is that you would have to leave a desk to use one. While taking a break and stepping away from time to time is definitely recommended, a mini elliptical trainer offers the advantage of moving and working simultaneously.

A treadmill or bicycle trainer at a standing desk isn't ideal for everyone as they take up much more room, and the treadmill especially isn't something that can be easily moved out of the way and stored when not wanted. However, if your office has the space and you want to walk or bike while working, these are excellent solutions.

The UREVO Strol Lite is one of the best standing desk accessories if you want to keep fit while you work. Granted, it can take a bit of time to learn how to do these tasks hand-in-hand, but once you've got the knack, you'll soon feel the benefits. Not only does moving your legs ensure blood circulates your body efficiently, but you can also kill two birds with one stone by checking your emails while you walk or run.

A treadmill isn't a perfect solution for everyone because it requires a lot of space. The same applies to a bicycle trainer.

Nevertheless, using a walking treadmill is one of the best ways to stay active while working. Most treadmill models usually come preinstalled and easily fit under a standing desk.

A regular elliptical usually takes up a significant amount of space, which is something that most offices lack. Another problem with traditional ellipticals is that you would have to move away from your desk to use them. That's where a mini elliptical trainer comes in. It provides you with the ability to move and work simultaneously.

If you can't afford these standing desk accessories, there is also an alternative way to stay active while standing. You can do some simple standing desk exercises after standing for a long time or while taking a short break.

This under-desk treadmill supports running speeds of up to 7.6mph. With 2.5 horsepower, it's enough to power a decent workout. To slow down or stop your workout entirely, grab the handy remote control and bring yourself back to walking speed. And, if you want to keep going after you've finished work, the treadmill can be folded for easy transport. The detachable frame can easily be slotted back on and offers a discreet phone holder, so you can listen to music or watch something while you exercise.

The UREVO Strol Lite might be one of the most expensive standings desk accessories, but it's certainly worth it if you value your health and fitness. Standing for long periods can cause issues, and this under-desk treadmill can easily combat these. Perfect for regular use and capable of holding body weights of up to 265 pounds. Look here.

A Timer - Important Accessory of Standing Desk

A timer is without a doubt one of the essential standing desk accessories if you're looking to benefit significantly from your desk. Since you are still in the process of transitioning from sitting to standing, it's vital that you regulate the amount of time you spend standing in a given position.

A timer also comes in handy when it comes to regulating the amount of time you spend sitting in your chair so you don't fall back to your old sitting habits. Be sure to divide your work hours into sequences that help to improve your overall productivity. For instance, you could set the timer to five minutes and use that time to take a walk to relieve the cramps, aches, and pains that result from standing for extended periods.

It's unnecessary to purchase a timer separately because you can always find one on your smartphone, on the web, or on your desktop. But, most importantly, don't forget to use your timer.

Balance Board for Standing Desk

Balance boards are specifically designed to give you the best balancing function. They help you to improve your fitness, strength, and balance even as you're working at your standing desk.

Always go for the most durable office balance boards that assure you of great balancing function for a long time. Using this standing desk accessory will increase your office activity, which promotes productivity and good health.

Foam Rollers

Another important accessory to help you improve your standing desk experience is a foam roller.

A foam roller is a cylindrical tube onto which you can place your foot while working to help stretch your leg, calf, and ankle muscles. It leaves you feeling supple and nice throughout your workday.

Foam rollers have more or less the same shape but are available in a wide range of designs. This means you have the convenience of selecting the design that gives you the utmost comfort.

High-density foam rollers are lightweight and firm and range from $7.99 to $30. On the other hand, basic soft foam rollers are priced starting from $9.99. Although they are great for relieving sensitive pains and aches (thanks to their softness), excessive use can result in compression. This causes the foam roller to lose its roundness, giving it an oval appearance. Unfortunately, a foam roller in this state doesn't offer many benefits when used with a standing desk.

Trigger point foam rollers feature a textured design. They are effective for stretching your calves and ankles and providing your feet with a pleasant massage while working at your standing desk. Trigger point foam rollers are more stylish than basic soft foam rollers but are relatively more expensive. Priced at around $39, they are certainly worth their price tag.

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Filing Cabinet

When it comes to productivity, many people immediately think of the organization. Without organization, you cannot develop a flow that streamlines your work. However, you cannot get organization without a sufficient filing cabinet. 

Filing cabinets are perfect standing desk accessories since there is no reason to have a productive standing desk that is full of clutter. You may be able to get away with some documents and writing utensils, but as you work more, things start to pile up, and a filing cabinet is there to collect your would-be clutter into the organization. 

Made of anti-rust and durable steel, our filing cabinet comes in four different colours to keep your standing desk free from disorganization. It comes with three drawers to fill and has wheels on the bottom to move easily. As a plus, it has a minimalist design to keep your workspace feeling light and airy. 


A standing desk is a fantastic product. But it's even more attractive and functional when you accessorize it with the right items. These are some of the best accessories you should incorporate in your standing desk workstation. Each standing desk accessory is special in its own way. Together, they help to improve your standing desk experience and enhance your productivity and wellbeing.

These essential standing desk accessories are much more than ornaments or decorations. They were designed to solve problems encountered by standing desk users and optimize their experience with the desk. Standing desks with the right accessories are investments for your workstation and, more importantly, your health.

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