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12 Mush-Have Standing Desk Accessories

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    According to some studies, musculoskeletal disorders are the cause of up to fifty percent of all injuries that occur on the job. The majority of the time, these issues arise because workers are in an awkward posture or are experiencing discomfort while they are on the job. Employees in any industry, from the office to the assembly line, could be at risk for developing musculoskeletal disorders. Increasing the ergonomics of your workstation is the most effective strategy to reduce risks in the workplace.

    If you are particularly interested in preventing these issues, then it is likely that you are familiar with ergonomic devices such as a standing desk, an ergonomic mouse, an ergonomic keyboard, and other similar items. Improving the ergonomics of your workplace can help you improve your posture in addition to boosting your productivity and contributing to your overall health and wellbeing. In addition to this, it lessens feelings of soreness, stiffness, and weariness.

    Out of all of these products designed to improve ergonomics, standing desks are quickly becoming the most often used. But simply having a standing desk is not sufficient on its own. It suffers from a number of deficiencies. For this reason, it is crucial to construct a workstation that contains essential accessories for a standing desk so that it may serve you in the best possible manner.

    The use of a standing desk, particularly when working for extended periods of time, comes with a number of advantages. However, there is evidence that suggests that standing in one place for extended periods of time may potentially have adverse effects.

    Fortunately, these challenges can be readily surmounted by making an investment in the appropriate standing desk accessories.

    There are a lot of products that you can think about purchasing in order to make your standing desk setup more comfortable. Some of these products include wearing shoes that are appropriate for standing, exercising while you work, and having a monitor arm that is easily adjustable when you need to move around.

    standing desk melbourne

    Accessories For Standing Desk 

    Monitor Mount

    Your monitor should be positioned so that it is directly in front of you for optimal viewing. It is best if the middle of your screen is at the same level as your eyes when you are looking at it.

    When the screen is too low, you have a tendency to hunch your shoulders and lower your chin. While working, if the screen is too high, you have a tendency to tilt your chin up, and if the screen is off to one side, you have a tendency to turn your neck and head. The constant adoption of these unnatural postures has a deleterious effect on your physical well-being. You can check this link for further reading if you like.

    A monitor mount is necessary in order to prevent this from happening. It restores your body to its natural position, freeing you from shoulder ache and relieving pressure on your eyes.

    Make sure the monitor mount you intend to purchase is suitable for the monitor you intend to use. In addition to that, check that it is robust enough to securely hold your monitor in place.

    Standing desks that also include computer mounts have a more polished appearance, which contributes to their overall popularity.

    The majority of people will benefit from elevating their monitors, particularly if they are transitioning to a standing desk. You may position your monitor at a height that is more ergonomic if you use a stand designed specifically for desktop computer monitors. In order to attain the right position, you may also need to adjust the distance between your eyes and the display. For maximum ease and comfort, the monitor should be positioned between 20 and 30 inches from your eyes.

    Remembering the 20-20-20 rule can be helpful in preventing headaches and eye strain. It is recommended by the American Academy of Ophthalmology that you take a break from looking at your computer monitor every twenty minutes. During that break, direct your attention to anything that is at least 20 feet away from you and look at it for a period of at least 20 seconds.

    You should think about using a monitor stand in order to position your monitor in the most ergonomically sound way possible. There is a wide variety of sizing options available for height-adjustable monitor stands. Be sure to check the dimensions of any monitor stands you are thinking of purchasing in advance to verify that your monitor will fit on it and that it is stable enough to retain it, particularly if you use an all-in-one. You can choose from a range of height-adjustable monitor stands that are sold by Uncaged Ergonomics. These stands provide you the ability to raise or lower your monitor as necessary. If you work at your computer in a variety of positions, including standing up and sitting down, this may be useful to you. You are going to want to find out how the monitor riser may be adjusted in order to determine if it is simple to change. If the monitor stand is difficult to adjust, you not only run the danger of wasting your valuable time but also of injuring yourself in the process.

    The monitor arm that we provide has a vertical range of 20 inches and a rotation of 360 degrees; it is meant to assist you in establishing a flexible workspace. Utilize it to modify the rotation and height of your computer screens to accommodate a variety of postures, which will in turn increase your productivity throughout the course of the workday.

    Ergonomic Office Chair for Standing Desk

    The negative effects of sitting for long periods of time throughout the day have received a lot of attention recently. But let's not ignore the fact that standing for long periods of time also has certain unfavourable impacts. For example, if you have a work that needs you to stand for eight to ten hours a day, your feet, calves, and thighs are going to experience a lot of strain, which will cause them to feel sore and swollen.

    Keep in mind that even the most dedicated standers can't stand for the entirety of the day. They have to take a few breaks in order to refresh themselves and regain their energy. And for that, they require a chair that is designed with ergonomics in mind.

    During the course of your workday, you should sit in an ergonomic chair because it will both help you maintain healthy posture and give you the maximum comfort possible.

    In addition to this, it is built in such a way that it can be readily stored underneath a stand-up desk, making it possible for you to go between sitting and standing with no disruption. They come in a wide variety of dimensions, contours, and styles, so they may easily be included into the architectural scheme of any business.

    Investing in a chair designed with ergonomics in mind is the most effective solution to this problem.

    One viable alternative is the ErgoChair Pro (ErgoChair 2). It's a chair that offers infinite customization options, so you may alter the level of support and resistance to suit your preferences exactly. Additionally, it is one of the greatest ergonomic chairs on the market right now because of its long-lasting construction, fabric that allows air to pass through it, comprehensive customizability features, and more.

    Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat

    The memory foam cushion that is over four inches in height that is provided by the Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat helps to support you while you are standing. An extended period of time spent standing at your desk can put strain on your knees and lead to weariness in your feet. If you are interested in experimenting with a standing desk configuration but are concerned about the potential for discomfort, this standing mat is a smart purchase that comes in a variety of sizes and colours to meet your needs.

    Because it features an anti-slip underside, the Sky Solutions Anti Fatigue Mat can be placed on virtually any floor type. Therefore, whether you are working in your kitchen, living room, or office, you will be able to stand comfortably for longer periods of time with less pain in your back, joints, and feet. This will be the case regardless of where you are doing the work. The bevelled edges also prevent curling, which reduces the possibility of someone catching their foot on the mat or falling over it, which is especially important if there are children running around. Come check out this website.

    If you're not careful, spending a lot of time standing may be a chore and a bore very quickly. The same way that you become exhausted after standing for a considerable amount of time in a lengthy line at the grocery store is the same way that standing at your standing desk all day makes you exhausted and quickly wears out your feet.

    The fact that you are presumably standing on a hard surface is the primary factor contributing to this discomfort. Even though wearing shoes that are supportive and comfy may help alleviate some of the pain, investing in a quality anti-fatigue mat will provide you with an additional layer of support and comfort.

    Choose an anti-fatigue mat with care; there are many options out there. Instead, make it a priority to find one that satisfies all of your requirements while being within your price range, in addition to being comfy and long-lasting.

    standing desk workplace

    Because it may be used as a place to stand while working or cooking, as well as a place for your pets, this versatile mat is perfect for households with children and/or animals. Although it may seem like a lot of money for a mat, it is absolutely something to take into consideration when you take into account all of its qualities and the comfort it can bring you.


    • Available in various sizes
    • Non-slip bottom
    • Anti-curl edges

    The shoes you wear shouldn't be the only thing providing support for your feet when you're working at a sit-stand desk. You shouldn't forget to think about the ground beneath your feet, either. Because of the features that allow you to modify your body posture even while standing for long periods of time, an anti-fatigue mat is typically the one that is the most suited option.

    Because there are many different kinds of standing mats, you need to be sure that the one you want to buy is comfortable to stand on before you buy it. Because the composition of an anti-fatigue mat and its level of firmness affect whether you will experience pain or discomfort, your decision should take into account both your individual tastes and the structure of your body.

    It is a common misconception that a standing mat is merely a standing desk attachment that is meant for your feet. However, this is not the case. Additionally, it assists you to keep your back in good health. Because it helps you to stand with correct posture, which in turn assists you in relieving the pressure that builds up in your lower back and neck, this is why.

    Frequently Asked Questions About Standing Desk

    Research shows the ideal ratio is to spend one hour standing for every one to two hours of sitting. A height-adjustable sit-stand desk lets you do just that. Most quality sit-stand desks have electric controls or gas lifts to make it possible for workers to adjust the height of their desks multiple times each day.

    Studies* actually recommend that you work towards standing for two hours in the beginning and eventually build up to standing for four hours a day, alternating between sitting and standing. Too much of anything is a bad thing, so don't negate your standing benefits by ditching sitting completely.

    Besides less sitting time, standing at work has other benefits: More calories burned: One study showed that standing sheds 88 calories an hour, compared to 80 calories for sitting. Less back pain: Sitting for long periods of time tightens your muscles and can hurt your lower back, especially if you have bad posture.

    That means for every 1 to 2 hours you sit in your office, 1 hour should be spent standing. Try to alternate between sitting and standing every 30 to 60 minutes. Bottom Line: Try to alternate between sitting and standing.

    A standing desk is ergonomic because it gives you the option of standing, reducing the risks that come with longer periods of inactivity. Monitor arms can also make a desk more ergonomic.

    Cpu Holders - Secure Your Desktop

    The use of computers and standing desks go hand in hand in most cases; in fact, many people purchase standing desks specifically so they can have the option to either sit or stand at their workstations. The movement of wires and having floor obstructions that limit movement are also obstacles that must be overcome in order to raise the height of your adjustable desk. If you want to avoid having a cluttered desk and wasted space, placing the system unit above the table may be the best option for you. Consequently, our CPU holder might be the most effective solution for this problem. Your central processing unit is still located underneath the table, but it does not create any obstructions.

    There are a number of advantages that come with mounting your desktop CPU underneath your desk. To begin, you'll be able to position your computer closer to your monitor and keyboard. Even if an increasing number of accessories are wireless, you'll still have some cords to run. On the other hand, if you keep your computer and monitor close to one another, you won't need to purchase longer cables. This is something to bear in mind if you plan to raise the height of your workstation. When you store the computer's central processing unit (CPU) using the Under-Desk CPU Holder from Uncaged Ergonomics, you keep it off the dusty floor and suspended, which improves the cooling. Mounting it below the surface of the desk also helps you reduce the amount of clutter on your work table and makes more room for you to work.

    Comfortable Footwear

    If you stand for long periods of time, you need footwear that is just as supportive and stable as that required for walking and jogging. In an ideal world, the shoe would offer adequate support for the arches and have comfy soles.

    Given these prerequisites, a pair of running shoes should be sufficient to get the job done.

    It is not a good idea to use a stand-up workstation when wearing dockers or heels higher than five inches. This is due to the fact that when you stand for lengthy periods of time, a lot of your weight is focused to your feet, which increases the need for appropriate support for your feet.

    Wearing shoes that are not appropriate for your feet can lead to a variety of foot and back issues. Therefore, you should constantly make sure to have a pair of shoes that are comfy at your desk.

    Cable Management - Avoiding Messy Cables

    If you intend to use a computer or any other device while working at your standing desk, then it is a certainty that there will be wires surrounding the perimeter of the desk. However, due to the fact that standing desks are made up of multiple movable elements, the cables attached to them usually become tangled and entangled, in addition to making your workspace rather messy. Both of these problems can be solved by using our cable management tools, which offer a more practical and cost-effective replacement for the cords that cause clutter and can be hazardous.

    Under-Desk Keyboard and Mouse Platform

    Is the height of your keyboard set so that you can type comfortably with your arms bent at an angle of approximately ninety degrees? In the event that this does not occur, you run the risk of straining muscles all the way from your fingers to your neck! This can result in pain in the hand and wrist, and potentially carpal tunnel syndrome in severe cases. The use of a sit-stand keyboard arm, which allows you to effortlessly set yourself at the ideal ergonomic height regardless of whether you work sitting down or standing up, is one way to help prevent the occurrence of these issues.

    A keyboard tray that fits underneath the desk is yet another essential accessory. A keyboard tray is mounted underneath the desk, and having such a tray enables you to position your keyboard at the optimal height for typing, which is at elbow height regardless of whether you are seated or standing. While you are typing, your arms should be in a position of neutral rest, your elbows should be bent at an angle of around ninety degrees, and your wrists should remain as straight as possible. If you could operate your keyboard and mouse without having to stretch or reach out with your arms, it would be really helpful.

    Your keyboard platform can also assist you in optimising your typing posture in more than one direction, allowing you to make the most of your typing experience. Your keyboard should be positioned at a negative angle for optimal ergonomics. This means that the top of the keyboard should point in a downward direction. You can avoid injuring your wrists by using the tilt adjustments on a sit-stand keyboard arm since they assist you maintain a neutral angle for your wrists. In addition, having the capability to swivel to the left and right provides you with additional versatility in positioning, which might be beneficial if you move around quite a bit.

    The keyboard platform versions offered by Uncaged Ergonomics come with a separate mousing platform that is designed to assist you in keeping your mouse on a level surface. On the other hand, your keyboard is angled in a way that promotes the healthiest position for your wrists, and you can adjust both it and your mouse so that they are at the appropriate height whether you are standing or sitting.

    Mini Elliptical Trainer/Treadmill/Bicycle Trainer

    The majority of elliptical machines call for a sizable room, which is something that most businesses do not have. The fact that you have to move away from your desk in order to utilise a standard elliptical machine is another another disadvantage of these machines. A little elliptical trainer provides the benefit of being able to move while working at the same time, which is beneficial despite the fact that it is advisable to take breaks and walk away from work from time to time.

    Because they take up a significant amount of additional space, a treadmill or bicycle trainer at a standing desk is not the best option for everyone. The treadmill, in particular, is not something that can be quickly moved out of the way and stowed when it is not in use. These are, nevertheless, good ideas to consider if you want to walk or ride a bike while working and your office has the space to accommodate any of these activities.

    If you want to be in shape while you work, the UREVO Strol Lite is one of the best accessories that you can get for a standing desk. Although it may take some time to learn how to perform several things simultaneously, once you've mastered the technique, you'll quickly start to reap the benefits of your efforts. Not only can exercising your legs help your blood circulate more effectively throughout your body, but you can accomplish two things at once by reading your email while you run or walk. This is a great way to save time.

    Because it needs a lot of room, a treadmill isn't the best option for everyone who needs an exercise machine. The same can be said for a stationary bicycle trainer.

    Nevertheless, walking on a treadmill while at work is one of the most effective strategies to maintain an active lifestyle. The majority of treadmill models often arrive with the installation already completed and can be simply concealed beneath a standing desk.

    The typical elliptical machine requires a sizeable quantity of floor space, which is a commodity that is in short supply in the majority of workplaces. The fact that you have to get up from your desk in order to use standard elliptical machines is another another disadvantage of these machines. This is where a compact elliptical trainer like this one comes in handy. You will be able to roam around while still working effectively as a result of this.

    If the accessories for a standing desk are out of your price range, there is another method to maintain your fitness while working in a standing position. After standing for an extended period of time or while taking a brief break, you can find it beneficial to perform some straightforward standing desk exercises.

    This under-desk treadmill allows for speeds of up to 7.6 miles per hour when running. It has a horsepower of 2.5, which is sufficient for powering a good workout. Grab the convenient remote control, and bring yourself back to walking speed, in order to either slow down or stop your workout totally. And if you want to keep exercising after you've finished working for the day, the treadmill can be folded up so that it's easier to move it. You may listen to music or watch something on your phone while you workout thanks to the detachable frame's covert phone holder, which can be easily fitted back onto the headband with ease.

    If you place a high priority on your health and fitness, investing in a standing desk accessory like the UREVO Strol Lite may be one of the more expensive options available, but it is unquestionably money well spent. Problems might arise from standing for extended amounts of time, but an under-desk treadmill like this one can readily alleviate these problems. The chair is ideal for everyday usage and has the capacity to support body weights of up to 265 pounds. Look here.

    A Timer - Important Accessory of Standing Desk

    If you want to get the most out of your standing desk and maximise the benefits it provides, a timer is one of the important standing desk accessories you need to have. Since you are still in the process of transitioning from sitting to standing, it is extremely important for you to limit the amount of time you spend standing in each position.

    When it comes to limiting the amount of time you spend sitting in your chair so that you don't go back to your old sitting habits, a timer is also useful because it comes in handy when regulating the amount of time you spend sitting in your chair. Be sure to sequence your work hours in a way that will help boost your overall productivity, and stick to those routines. You may, for instance, set the timer for five minutes and then utilise that time to go for a walk in order to alleviate the cramps, aches, and pains that come from standing for extended periods of time.

    Because you can always find a timer on your smartphone, on the web, or on your laptop, it is unnecessary to acquire a timer individually. However, the most important thing to remember is to make advantage of your timer.

    Balance Board for Standing Desk

    Balance boards are made to give you the finest possible balance function thanks to their special design. Even if you are standing while you work, you will be able to increase your fitness, strength, and balance thanks to these accessories.

    Always pick for the office balance boards that are the most durable, as this will ensure that you have a wonderful balancing function for a longer period of time. Your office activity will increase as a result of using this standing desk addition, which is beneficial to both your productivity and your health.

    Foam Rollers

    A foam roller is an additional useful device that can help you improve your experience working at a standing desk.

    Your thigh, calf, and ankle muscles can all benefit from being stretched using a foam roller, which is a cylindrical tube upon which you can place your foot while working out. Throughout the course of the day, it will leave you feeling supple and generally pleasant.

    Although they all have more or less the same outline, foam rollers can take on a variety of different appearances depending on the manufacturer. This ensures that you have the flexibility to choose the configuration that best suits your needs in terms of comfort.

    Rollers with a high density foam range from $7.99 to $30 in price and are both lightweight and firm. On the other hand, the most fundamental soft foam rollers can be purchased for as little as $9.99. Compression can occur from using them too frequently, despite the fact that their gentle nature makes them very effective in easing aches and pains of a more sensitive nature. The foam roller will no longer have a round shape as a result of this, instead taking on an oval form. A foam roller in its current configuration does not, unfortunately, offer too many benefits when used in conjunction with a standing desk.

    Textured patterns are incorporated into the design of trigger point foam rollers. They are helpful for extending your calves and ankles as well as offering a soothing massage for your feet when you are working at a standing desk. The trigger point foam roller is a more fashionable alternative to the standard soft foam roller; nevertheless, it comes at a higher price range. They come in at roughly $39, but it is money well spent on something that is of such high quality.

    standing desk for home office

    Filing Cabinet

    Many people automatically think of their organisations whenever the topic of productivity is brought up. Without structure, it is impossible to build a flow that will make your work more efficient. However, if you do not have a proper filing cabinet, you will not be able to achieve organisation.

    There is no reason to have a productive standing desk that is full of junk, therefore filing cabinets are the perfect accessory for standing desks because they keep your workspace organised. You might be able to get away with some documents and writing implements, but as your workload increases, things tend to pile up, and a filing cabinet is there to collect your would-be clutter into the organisation system.

    Our filing cabinet is made of steel that is resistant to rust and is sturdy. It comes in four different colours to help you keep the clutter on your standing desk under control. It includes three drawers that may be used for storage and wheels on the bottom so that it can be moved around conveniently. Your workstation will feel more open and airy because to its simple design, which is another advantage of this product.


    A standing desk is a wonderful piece of furniture. However, if you complement it with the appropriate items, it will become much more appealing to the eye and practical to use. These are some of the most useful add-ons that you ought to incorporate into the standing desk workstation that you have. Each accessory for a standing desk is unique and useful in its own particular manner. The combination of the two helps to improve the experience of working at a standing desk, as well as your productivity and general well-being.

    These ornaments and decorations merely scratch the surface of the usefulness of these important standing desk accessories. They were developed to address concerns raised by people who use standing desks and to improve the overall quality of the users' interactions with the desks. Standing desks that come equipped with the appropriate accessories are investments that you should make not only in your workstation but also in your health.

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